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We talked with Rose from Rose Sims to get some insight into custom content creation. Come check it out!

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You can always find the hottest, up-and-coming artists on your Sims' radio, but check out The Sims 2 FreeTime for our biggest star yet! International pop artist Natasha Bedingfield has joined forces with The Sims 2 to record her hit single "Pocketful of Sunshine" in Simlish.

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Now you can add a super-cute MySims bobbler to your Facebook page. Just click the link and follow the directions.

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Enter A New Year, A New Start contest to show off your new 2008 voice and discover uncharted vocal territory!

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SporeNetwork is going to change soon. If you have some good ideas, please share them with us on our forums. We will then see whether or not we can use and realize your ideas.

Come catch a glimpse of what your Sims can discover in the vast unknown...

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Your Sims Can Now Explore All-New Activities, Hobbies and Cool Careers to Enrich Their Lives.

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Sims play Spore before we do, as you can see in a screenshot from the new The Sims 2 expansion Free Time.

There's a new Creature Editor video (on Mac). Click here to view the video.

This week on Macworld EXPO 2008, EA has announced that Spore will be released on both PC and Intel Mac at the same time. Please note that you will only be able to play Spore on the Intel Mac, not on the older PPC Mac's. No information yet on the release date. Read more in the press release.



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