EA Confirms Closure of EA Japan

Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 22:00

Cue Stephen Colbert's army of "We Were Right" balloons; Electronic Arts has confirmed to 1UP that EA Japan is no longer around. Still, the company maintains they remain committed to developing games in Japan, but that will continue through partnerships in the "EA Partners" program, not from an exclusively EA-centric studio.

The company's official statement:
"EA is consolidating its development teams in Japan. Game creation in Japan will continue under our EA Partners model, working with external Japanese developers. Japan-based development for the NDS - Theme ParkDS, Sim CityDS, DragonZakuraDS - will continue under EA Partners in collaboration with external developers. Each of these titles remains in our release plans. EA's publishing team in Japan will continue to publish many of our popular franchises in that market."

Good luck to everyone affected.


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