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The Sims: Superstar expansion pack claimed the number-one spot on this week's NPD PC game sales chart.

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Games website has a cool video interview online with one of Maxis' producers, Margaret Ng.

In this interview, she shows us a couple of new features from The Sims 2, like reactions from Sims towards other Sims and what kind of exciting tension this brings!

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Check out the latest issue of Computer Gaming World, featuring a world exclusive cover story on The Sims 2!

The feature takes a first look into the highly anticipated, next generation of the best selling PC game of all time, where players will be able to control their Sims over an entire lifetime in an all-new 3D world. Be the first to get the inside scoop on new features, gameplay, and extra tidbits. Did we mention all the exclusive screenshots and artwork? Don't miss it.

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Built entirely from blocks carved out of living stone, this majestic staircase is a symbolic life journey for any Sim who chooses to use it. Start your journey today by downloading this new staircase.

Download 12 Steps in Stone (864 Kb)

See what the press has been saying about Superstar. 5 new reviews are now available on the Superstar Press page!

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Afgelopen koninginnedag heeft EA Games allerlei kroontjes uitgedeeld voor de Sims fans, wij hebben de foto's verzameld!

Door het dragen van een kroontje maakte je kans op o.a. een Xbox spelsysteem van Microsoft en alle uitbreidingen van The Sims.

Met de prijswinnaars is inmiddels contact opgenomen en we wensen hun dan ook hartelijk welkom op het forum. Hier is een overzicht van de binnengekomen foto's.

Check out the TV spot, hot new videos, updated screenshots, and more, with The Sims Superstar Media Player!

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Using SimGolf, Sid designed a three-hole golf course to see if he could level the playing field between male and female golfers. He included a number of design elements that rewarded accurate and precise shots, but also penalizes shots that are too long as well as those that are too short.

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Merry maid mixes mundane work with power riffs. Check out The Sims Superstar TV commercial.

Go To Superstar Videos has posted a preview of The Sims Bustin' Out with several new screenshots.

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