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Hello everyone.

We are in "stealth mode" as we create the first The Sims 2 website. If you would like to post a link to your Sims 2 fan site, please go to and select the Sims 2 category.

Last but not least, we have opened the asset vault once again to give you another glimpse of The Sims 2.

Check out our film strip of the teen party demo:

Thank you to everyone that showed up at our chat event with Makin' Magic Associate Game Designer, Jenna Chalmers. We have posted the chat transcripts for those of you that couldn't make it.

Read Transcripts has the third installment of The Sims 2 designer diary. Lucy Bradshaw and Charles London discuss emotions in The Sims 2.

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The second Double Deluxe download is now available! This object download contains baskets, Samurai Armor, and more!

Download Double Deluxe Object Pack #2 (848 Kb)

"Nintendo of Japan was recently in our office brainstorming the connectivity features and working with Will Wright and the team on enhancements."

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Get your first dose of Double Deluxe content! This object download contains 6 objects + Asian walls and floors!

Download Double Deluxe Object Pack #1 (986 Kb)

"We have seen The Sims 2, and it rocks."

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Four Top Franchises Including The Lord of the Rings and The Sims Will Feature Online Gameplay

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Thank you to everyone that showed up at our chat with Luc. Transcripts are now available for those of you that were unable to make it.

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We added one new image. It represents a series of images from which we had taken the earlier shots.



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