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"A brilliant game, coming to the PlayStation 2, and bringing with it original gameplay and social possibilities beyond those of any other PlayStation 2 title."

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To celebrate the British Open Tournament (July 18th to July 21st) we are spotlighting user-created courses that focus on Muirfield course and British Open Tournament.

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GamersTemple has posted a new preview of SimCity 4 on their website.

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Many of you have noticed that we recently closed the Exchange to support US-English only. We did this because of instability issues that could be caused by cross-downloading between languages, in order to protect you from losing your content and/or having to reinstall. While we will continue to officially only support US-English, we do want Sims fans across the world to be able to spread their creativity around! Our code does support all single-byte languages except Polish, but double-byte languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) are not supported.

Join the discussion about Unleashed on the BBS today!

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Looking for more news about Unleashed? Check out the links below.

Take a look at what is in store for your favorite game! New screenshots and video from SimCity 4.

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Last week we hosted a chat event with the members of The Sims Playstation 2 development team. Check out the transcripts!

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We have made a selection of work from the Building Exchange that features Industrial style buildings. We hope you enjoy this package of user made work and if you want more buildings of this quality, please view the ReadMe file that is included with the download.

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We've finished our updates to the Exchange and it's back in business. Searching is more accurate, browsing and navigating results is improved, details now pop-up in a separate window so you won't lose your place when browsing, and uploading should be faster and easier. We hope you enjoy the changes we have made. Thank you for your patience!

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