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With improved graphics, an intutive control scheme, a brand-new gameplay mode, and the ability to either compete against or play cooperatively with another player, The Sims for the PlayStation 2 is clearly much more than a simple console port of the PC game.

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Looking for some new pet skins? Download this pet skin pack and find the right pet for you.

Download Unleashed Pet Skins Pack (456 Kb)

We have posted new SimCity 4 screenshots and a new SimCity 4 movie at!

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To celebrate the 2002 Ryder Cup Tournament we are spotlighting user-created courses that focus on the 2002 Ryder Cup Tournament.

View all Ryder Cup courses.

You may also visit for more information.

Want to add a cafe or grocery store to your neighborhood? Search the Unleashed Neighborhood Exchange for the latest in user-created neighborhood lots.

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Now your Sims can enjoy a Shrimp-On-A-Stick from this colorful local vendor. Unleashed owners should check their local community lot for this delicious treat.

Download Unleashed Shrimp Cart (1.57 Mb)

Some of you may have seen the MySims logo next to your name when you logged in. Go ahead and click it! You know you want to. Make sure to click the HELP link to get a full descriptions of all the features.

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Thank You to everyone that showed up for our developer chat with SimCity 4 Designer, MaxisJoseph. We have posted the transcripts from this event on the website for those that were unable to be there.

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This SimDay we will be releasing the new Unleashed Lot Exchange and the Deluxe MySims feature. Be here Thursday to learn about our new site features!

Maxis is moving the launch of SimCity 4 and The Sims for the PS2 to January 2003. We know you're looking forward to both games and that this might be a disappointment. You should know that both titles are looking great and are a blast to play. Moving them to the beginning of next year will give us the opportunity to do a little extra fine-tuning and polishing of the games. We'll also be revamping and posting the most up to date information regarding both games on our websites.



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