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The Hot Date patch is back! We would like to thank all of you for your continued patience and support. This patch has been through thorough testing and we are confident that this will remedy the issues the other patch created and also fix the previously known shipped issues. Please report any issues you experience on the BBS.

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The judges have made their decisions and chosen the winning skins from the TSO Skins Contest. Winning skins and artist info is available in the events area.

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Enter the "I'm Hot, I'm Not" Skin Contest and you might win $250! Entries must be received by February 13th.

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Seems like critics are having a good time with SimGolf!

On February 12th at 3pm PST we will be having a chat with legendary game designer Sid Meier.

Enter the "I'm Hot, I'm Not" Skin Contest and you might win $250!

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The Sims™ Virtual Date is a wild dating game with a digital hunk or babe. Wendy or Richard? Benny or Crystal? Disco or Opera? Beach or the Zoo? You make the call! Get lucky and you could score (tokens, that is...).

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The patch contains a version of the SimGolf executable which enables SimGolf Web-Exchange support for championship courses, and resolves an issue with occasional crashes for tournaments.

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The reviews of Sid Meier's SimGolf are pouring in! Here are some to get you started!

Here is a quick interview with Sid Meier on where he chats about SimGolf and working with Will Wright.

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