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You not only get to pick the look of your date, you can create the perfect attitude, guaranteeing the best possible outcome while playing footsie under the table. Don't delay and download today. That perfect match is only a click away.

Download The Hot Date Make-A-Date Tool (2.74 Mb)

GameSpot has the first world-wide exclusive preview of TheSims Vacation! Screenshots included for your viewing pleasure.

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Please take a few days to try the new Make-A-Date tool as we will open the new Date Exchange very soon!

We would like to thank everyone that entered, winners will be presented soon.

Penny Arcade Sends Valentine To Sid Meier.

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"If you play computer games, or even if you don't, you should play SimGolf. If you develop, publish, or market computer games, you should play SimGolf. Here's why."

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More great reviews of Sid Meier's SimGolf.

On February 12th at 3pm PST we will be having a chat with legendary game designer Sid Meier. Get there early as space will fill up quickly.



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