News Archive - 24 May, 2001

The Entertainment Electronics Exposition (E3) was held May 17-19 in Los Angeles. E.A. had a huge booth that you couldn't miss when you walked in the front door. For a quick E3 fix click on the link below! Or for something more permanent download the E3 Webmaster Pack, filled with pictures for your websites.

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Your mission should you choose to accept it is to play the role of a screenwriter and write an adventure story! Use The Sims Exchange as your medium of expression and blow us away with your big Sim budget summer Album!

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This week, the topic is objects for your game. What objects would you like Maxis to conjure up? Please respond by going to the BBS and post in the Suggest A Topic section.

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The Sims Online was a huge hit at this year's E3. Check out what the press had to say about it!

Gamespot: "While The Sims Online may seem just like a glorified Internet chat room, the game actually has many layers of depth, making the entire experience of controlling a Sim much more exciting."

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