GameSpot Readers respond: SimsVille canceled

Friday, September 21, 2001 - 23:20

GameSpot readers share their thoughts about the cancellation of EA's upcoming neighborhood simulation game.

A number of GameSpot readers shared their thoughts about yesterday's report that EA's upcoming neighborhood simulation game, SimsVille, had been canceled.

Many readers were upset about the news. A former intern at Maxis found the announcement surprising. "I played the game a bit and I had more fun with it than with The Sims and SimCity even," he said. "Apparently, their standards have gone up and the game was deemed not fun enough." Gabrielle Rubessa has been looking forward to the game since its announcement. "I wanted something different from The Sims and SimCity," she said. "Playing both games for two years now has been getting a bit boring, and their only different game from The Sims and SimCity has been canceled."

Some readers suggested releasing the game as is, unfinished. Adeem Zafar wanted to know if it would be possible to purchase the game from Maxis. "Couldn't we just buy whatever is already done?" he asked.

Several readers voiced their support for Maxis regardless of the decision. Joe Kaiser applauded the company for its recent success. "They are turning their company around...remember Streets of SimCity? That was a few years ago, and now they have one of the most popular games of all time. So right now, they want to focus on one or two games at once and stick to what they're good at--fun and interesting games," he said. "In any case, if they think their game isn't going to rule and won't sell 2 million copies, I'm behind them. Viva Maxis, I'm behind you for life."

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