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Merconia is a modern house with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. On the base floor there is a very modern kitchen with a shared dining. the beautiful orange, yellow and red colours give the kitchen a very warm feeling. The livingroom is pretty big and share the same colours as the kitchen since there is an arch seperating the two rooms. There are also two very chique bathrooms, one bedroom, one study and a sunroom on the base floor. On the first floor are the three other bedrooms that vary in size and the two other bathrooms. There's also a very nice balcony facing the front yard. You can enter it via the bedroom at the front of the house. The house itself is very modern, but the uses of different colours and materials make this house stand out in the neighborhood. Just look at the brown wood, the deep blue and the very bright white! The house is perfect for big families or amazing parties! 
Creation Name: Merconia
Origin ID: Djeranotjuh


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