The Sims 3 Belmont


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The Sims 3 Belmont was created by both Greg from SimCookie and myself. We both worked on the world, the buildings and the idea behind it as well. I am really into 50s stuff and mid-century modern architecture and somehow it was contagious because Greg started to like it too. So we ended up starting to work on Belmont. It took a long time, due to both our other projects and activities for both the Sims community and our personal lives. But here it is. It's finally finished. We did our very best and we're very proud to present to you: The Sims 3 Belmont!

We made most of the lot types available in the game. Rabbit hole (career buildings), but also a lot of custom community lots, and loads of houses. And there are plenty of households as well. If you want to move in your own families, you can! Plenty of empty lots and houses to occupy. If you have the Sims 3 Midnight Hollow content, you can also start your own shops in Belmont. There is a modern residential area with a lovely romantic park. There is also a thriving community center with lots of shops and other community lots. We have a Supernatural street and even a Pets corner. Are you a legacy player? We have a couple of empty lots for you to start your legacies on! There is too much to show off on screenshots, but I tried my best capturing a lot of nice features from the world!

We put in quite a few "Easter Eggs" for fun, though some are obvious to find. Wink

If you like the world, and are using it, please mention me @SNW and @Sim_Cookie on Twitter! Share your photos, tell us the stories you are having in your game. And most of all: have fun playing!

One important note: You need the base game, all expansions and all stuff packs except Movie Stuff. Do not install the world if you don't own all these packs. It will likely result in your game crashing!


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