Rosie's Builder's World


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Okay so this is definitely a test. It's the first world I decided to upload. The thing is that I've wanted a simple builders world for a long time now. Last year I saw a world with just one lot in it which was awesome for a quick build. But it was just one lot and only one size. I wanted a simple, fast world to build my houses in so I wouldn't have to load the heavy Maxis worlds with households and NPC's. On top of that the Maxis worlds aren't flat at all, and I want to build my houses and other buildings on flattened lots. So here's the thing. This world is PURELY for building. It's a medium size world with 55 lots and several trees and some roads. I did not look at routing and all that so it really is for building purposes only. I made sure all the in-game world editor lot sizes are present. I also made sure each size comes in both residential and community.

It's a test so I would love to hear from you, if you decide to use it, how the world is working on your end. Is it fast? Is it laggy? Are the empty lots okay? Feel free to leave me feedback on the Facebook page or my Twitter account

These are the lot sizes I created in the world.

  • 64x64 - 2x
  • 50x50 - 3x
  • 50x25 - 2x
  • 40x40 - 2x
  • 40x35 - 1x
  • 40x20 - 2x
  • 35x25 - 2x
  • 30x30 - 3x
  • 30x25 - 1x
  • 30x20 - 2x
  • 25x50 - 2x
  • 25x35 - 2x
  • 25x25 - 2x
  • 25x20 - 2x
  • 25x15 - 2x
  • 20x40 - 2x
  • 20x30 - 2x
  • 20x25 - 2x
  • 20x20 - 3x
  • 15x20 - 3x
  • 15x15 - 1x
  • 15x10 - 3x
  • 10x20 - 1x
  • 10x15 - 4x
  • 10x10 - 4x

I checked the file and it should be safe to install. But as always, please do check it yourself as well!

Oh and the world requires your game to be up to date!

Please let me know if you run into any issues. For example when the world is laggy, or when the world won't install due to missing expansions (should not be the case).


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