Auburn Island


World Size: 
World Terrain: 
Maximum Height: 

Ever just want to get away from city life and just relax and do nothing? Ever wanted to explore nature to the fullest but always been busy with work and life? Well, worry no more! Auburn Island is the place to be!  Full with nature and surrounded by water, Auburn Island is the place for you Sims to be. Explore and find all kinds of things all around the woods of the Island. Check out the Deep Down Springs, you might just find the last thing you needed for the project that you were working on for your love of your life. Walk the beaches and tan under the ever greens, but be sure to watch out for the birds, they might just…well…better use that umbrella! Auburn Island is the place to be this summer and even winter. The views are just stunning! Auburn Island, the place linked to YOU! 


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