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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 14:30


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Small note, I made this house when Supernatural was just released. I recently re-uploaded it because of the server crash earlier this year! By now I have over 500 Tumblr followers and I should definitely make a new followers gift soon :P

It was supposed to be a simple house for my Supernatural review. I posted some WIP pictures on my Simblr to see if people liked it. I got so many likes and reblogs (80+)! That is unusual for me lol, my Simblr being fairly new. So I take it you guys liked it! I promised if enough people liked it, I would upload it. And I was already planning something special since I was close to 100 followers. Well, while I was sleeping, I went past 100 followers. You know what that means? Follower gift! :3

The house is really aimed at Supernatural, but I also used some items from World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations and Pets. You don’t have to have those packs though, it’s just that some items may be replaced with base game items if you don’t own the packs. There is no store content or CC used.

It’s somewhat pets and kids friendly. There is a sun room for indoor gardening and as you can see on the screenshots there are plenty of harvestable plants already on the lot.


  • sun room
  • kitchen/dining corner
  • hallway
  • lavatory
  • living room


  • hallway
  • second hallway
  • magic room
  • nursery
  • bathroom
  • master bedroom
  • master bathroom
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