Story Box Challenge - October 2019

SNW Story Box 1019 October 2019 Challenge

The Story Box Challenge is one where we give you a family and their stuff. Your task: build them a nice home.

The Family

The Milton-Cortez FamilyThis month, meet Clarence Milton and Tim Cortez. This adult couple is looking for a new place to decorate for Halloween.

Clarence is your (stereo)typical gamer nerd. He grew up spending most of his time in a basement, fiddling with hardware and electronics and playing Raid on Bungeling Bay until the sun came up. Today most of his days are spent in a gray cubicle, stapling together TPS reports and satellite design documents. In his free time he'll try to spot "his" satellites in the night sky. He also still plays games - mostly in the survival horror genre now though.

Tim is quite the opposite: he loves partying and rather spends his days in a room full of piñatas and confetti than in a dull office. By now he's arranged countless parties, gatherings, get-togethers and outings with friends, family, colleagues and even complete strangers. Party planning is his passion and he hopes he can continue partying until he drops dead - hopefully at a very respectable age. His specialty (and favourite party of the year): Halloween.

The guys first chatted at a "Nightmare before Christmas" party in World of Warcraft which Tim organized. They're now newlyweds, and ready to move in together. Can you provide them a nice place to live? Oh, and Tim will want to have a Halloween party almost as soon as they move in - so any preparations you can make are very welcome!

The ChallengeStory Box October 2019

  1. From the Sims 4 Gallery, download the Milton-Cortez Family and the SNW Story Box 4 - 1019 room. You can also find them by EA ID SimsNetwork.
  2. Pick any empty lot in any world, and move in the family. Enter the lot (in live mode!) and pause the game.
  3. Enter the cheat (Ctrl+Shift+C) 'money 200000' to set the family's budget (that's §200k).
  4. Now place the SNW Story Box 4 - 1019 room from the gallery. You'll lose roughly §20k, leaving you with somewhere around §180k to complete the challenge.
  5. Start building!
  6. Make sure to use all the family's items. The guys don't want anything to go missing! (yes, even the weird stuff)
  7. Upload the lot to the gallery before October 26th. Make sure to use hashtags #SNWStoryBox and #StoryBox1019 so we can find your entry!

Note that unlike previous editions of this challenge, the Story Box is provided as a room (instead of a lot) on the gallery!

The Rules

This challenge is about building the family a nice home. Feel free to use the family to continue their story - but we will focus on the homes that you come up with. The following rules apply:

  • The total budget, excluding the empty lot but including the required items, is limited to §200,000. Remember to first place the family in an empty lot, then build the provided lot over it.
  • You're free to pick ANY lot in ANY world, no matter how large or small. The base lot is the smallest available, so that should fit anywhere. Make sure you place it as furnished.
  • You can use all expansion, game or stuff packs that you own. To match the story - giving them a home ready for a Halloween party - we advise using the Spooky Stuff, Seasons and Realm of Magic packs for the style. This is not required though, and you're free to even stick to just base game stuff. Bonus recommendation: if you own Seasons, set the season to Fall and get out some decorations.
  • NO custom content, except if it's from SNW (
  • ALL items in the box must be used, including those on the wall and ceiling. The items must also remain accessible. Wallpapers and floor tiles are not required.
  • Duplicating items or adding more stuff IS allowed. Removing items which were originally in the basement is NOT allowed.
  • Changing the colors/design of an item in the room is NOT allowed.
  • Don't forget to name your lot.
  • Entries must be uploaded to the Sims 4 gallery using hashtags #SNWstorybox and #StoryBox1019.
  • Deadline: October 26th, 2019.

Questions? Watch the instructions video, or get in touch through Twitter or Facebook!

We'll showcase a selection of the entries in a Twitch live stream at on October 27th, 21:30 CET. Missed the showcase? The VOD will be available on Twitch after the stream has ended, and we'll also upload the full video to our More SNW channel on YouTube.

Thanks, and have fun!


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