Story Box Challenge - January 2020

The Story Box Challenge is one where we give you a family and their stuff. Your task: build them a nice home.

The Family

This month, meet Valentineah LeAnn. She's from another world and recently arrived on Earth. She wants to start a new life on this planet. Mostly she wants to get away from her annoying boss and co-workers. After quitting her job, she stole a rocket and went travelling in search of something better. Earth looked greener than her home planet, so she decided to shape-shift into what seemed to be the dominant species and a skin colour that she thought was the dominant colour this planet's land.

Valentineah beamed down a box with some earthly stuff and is ready to discover the new world, even though she misses her home across the stars too. Can you help her settle in a new starter home so she can blend in?

The Challenge

  1. From the Sims 4 Gallery, download the LeAnn Family and the SNW Story Box 7 - 0120 room. You can also find them by EA ID SimsNetwork.
  2. Pick any empty lot in any world, and move in the family. Enter the lot (in live mode!) and pause the game.
  3. Enter the cheat (Ctrl+Shift+C) 'money 100000' to set the family's budget (that's §100k).
  4. Now place the SNW Story Box 7 - 0120 room from the gallery. You'll lose roughly §9k, leaving you with somewhere around §91k to complete the challenge.
  5. Start building!
  6. Make sure to use all the family's items. They don't want anything to go missing! (yes, even the weird stuff)
  7. Upload the lot to the gallery before January 31st. Make sure to use hashtags #SNWStoryBox and #StoryBox0120 so we can find your entry!

The Rules

This challenge is about building the family a nice home. Feel free to use the household to continue their story - but we will focus on the homes that you come up with. The following rules apply:

  • The total budget, excluding the empty lot but including the required items, is limited to §100,000. Remember to first place the family in an empty lot, then place the room inside it.
  • You're free to pick ANY lot in ANY world, no matter how large or small. The box is a room, which fits on the smallest lot. 
  • You can use all expansion, game or stuff packs that you own. This is not required though, and you're free to even stick to just base game stuff. To match the story - Valentineah misses her home planet - we recommend using the Get to Work expansion pack.
  • NO custom content, except if it's from SNW (
  • ALL items in the box must be used, including those on the wall and ceiling. The items must also remain accessible. Wallpapers and floor tiles are not required.
  • Duplicating items or adding more stuff IS allowed. Removing items which were originally in the room is NOT allowed.
  • Changing the colors/design/size of an item in the room is NOT allowed.
  • Don't forget to name your lot.
  • Entries must be uploaded to the Sims 4 gallery using both hashtags #SNWstorybox and #StoryBox0120.
  • Deadline: January 31st, 2020.

Questions? Get in touch through DiscordTwitter or Facebook!

We'll showcase the entries in a Twitch live stream at on February 1st, 21:30 CET. Missed the showcase? The VOD will be available on Twitch after the stream has ended, and we'll also upload the full video to our More SNW channel on YouTube.

Thanks, and have fun!


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