Story Box Challenge - December 2019

StoryBox Challenge December 2019

The Story Box Challenge is one where we give you a family and their stuff. Your task: build them a nice home.

The Family

This month, meet the Valdez family. Rocco and Nylah met a long time ago at the local library, during one of Rocco's book signing sessions. That library now happens to be Nylah's imperium - she's running the entire chain of Rentabook Libraries. In her spare time she enjoys a good meal or listening to her favourite CDs.

Rocco is a writer and always happy to tell the kids the most fantastic stories. He loves taking care of his family at home and will horse around with the kids whenever he can. Besides all that he loves eating the meals Nylah prepares.

Their eldest daughter Elaina is about to discover university and is already trying to fit in. She's still a child at heart though, always running around the place. Her dream is to become a famous body builder when she grows up.

Keenan is the middle child. He loves to show his creativity and needs room to draw and craft. He's already had to go on the naughty step more than once because he used his crayons on the walls.

Finally there's Jordyn, and what a little charmer she is! She's still very new in this world and will happily accept all kisses and hugs from her mommy and daddy. In return she'll provide a full diaper.

The family sold their old home and are ready to move. Can you help them move into the perfect comfortable home, ready for the holidays?

The Challenge

  1. From the Sims 4 Gallery, download the Valdez Family and the SNW Story Box 6 - 1219 room. You can also find them by EA ID SimsNetwork.
  2. Pick any empty lot in any world, and move in the family. Enter the lot (in live mode!) and pause the game.
  3. Enter the cheat (Ctrl+Shift+C) 'money 300000' to set the family's budget (that's §300k).
  4. Now place the SNW Story Box 6 - 1219 room from the gallery. You'll lose roughly §9k, leaving you with somewhere around §291k to complete the challenge.
  5. Start building!
  6. Make sure to use all the family's items. They don't want anything to go missing! (yes, even the weird stuff)
  7. Upload the lot to the gallery before December 20th. Make sure to use hashtags #SNWStoryBox and #StoryBox1219 so we can find your entry!

The Rules

This challenge is about building the family a nice home. Feel free to use the household to continue their story - but we will focus on the homes that you come up with. The following rules apply:

  • The total budget, excluding the empty lot but including the required items, is limited to §300,000. Remember to first place the family in an empty lot, then place the room inside it.
  • You're free to pick ANY lot in ANY world, no matter how large or small. The box is a room, which fits on the smallest lot. 
  • You can use all expansion, game or stuff packs that you own. This is not required though, and you're free to even stick to just base game stuff. To match the story - providing the family with a comfortable home for the holidays - we recommend using the (free!) Holiday pack and Seasons.
  • NO custom content, except if it's from SNW (
  • ALL items in the box must be used, including those on the wall and ceiling. The items must also remain accessible. Wallpapers and floor tiles are not required.
  • Duplicating items or adding more stuff IS allowed. Removing items which were originally in the basement is NOT allowed.
  • Changing the colors/design/size of an item in the room is NOT allowed.
  • Don't forget to name your lot.
  • Entries must be uploaded to the Sims 4 gallery using both hashtags #SNWstorybox and #StoryBox1219.
  • Deadline: December 20th, 2019.

Questions? Get in touch through DiscordTwitter or Facebook!

We'll showcase the entries in a Twitch live stream at on December 21st, 21:30 CET. Missed the showcase? The VOD will be available on Twitch after the stream has ended, and we'll also upload the full video to our More SNW channel on YouTube.

Thanks, and have fun!


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