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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 00:30

Well, this is another blog to add to my ever growing list of blogs. I recently decided to add a blog feature to SNW, for myself and Marii, who recently officially joined the SNW team. I have an art blog on Tumblr, as well as a Simblr which is also kind of a blog. And I have a more casual blog with a variety of things (but mostly Doctor Who related stuff) on Tumblr. Aaaand I have a mid-century modern blog on Tumblr. Furthermore I have my actual website, the art & design one, where I also blog. But I also have a journal on deviantArt, which is kind of the same thing really. And since I have two dA accounts, I also have another journal on dA. Well at least I am merging a lot of my old sites into one. We'll see how this works out! :P

Site Comments

Marii's picture

Super leuk Happy de foto ook :D

Rosana's picture

Thnx! Ja de foto is nog van Rosie in Dragon Valley haha. :P

claartje (not verified)

maak je filmpjes met je sims en zetje die dan op YouTube

Rosana's picture

Heel soms. Maar ik ben geen Let's Player he. Happy


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