The Sims 4 Get to Work: Still Life

New video!! Eeek!

The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat: Official Trailer

Outdoor Retreat is out now!

The Sims 4: Epic Wood - Weirder Stories Official Trailer

Yay the third one we saw last week. Epic Wood! Wood everything! I am kinda looking forward to trying machinima myself in The Sims 4. Can I do it? Of course I can!

The Sims 4: It’s Amber - Weirder Stories Official Trailer

Another one we saw last week. I love how bubbly Amber is haha!

Amy Pond in The Sims 4 CAS Demo

I created a Sims 4 version of Amy Pond (Amelia Pond), companion for the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who. This character is played by Karen Gillan and I think she is a beautiful woman. And I felt like creating her in The Sims 4. It's my first celebrity in The Sims 4 CAS Demo, so I think I did pretty good! :D

The Sims 4 | Smarter and Weirder Official Gameplay Trailer

Check out the new gameplay trailer!

Simsville *UPDATE* Vlog

Wondering what's taking so long? Watch this vlog!

10th Anniversary Giveaway Winners!

Did you participate in the 10th anniversary giveaway? Watch this video to see if you're one of the lucky winners! :D

The Sims 4: Stories Official Gameplay Trailer

Create unique stories in The Sims 4. Watch weirder stories unfold in our official gameplay trailer.

The Sims 4: Build Mode Official Gameplay Trailer

The new build mode gameplay video is here! Go watch it NOW! <3

Rosie is attending the #SimmersMeetup!

I'm attending the Simmers Meetup in London next Saturday, and I recorded a vlog about it today. I am bringing some small goodies (prints) for the attendants! :D Are you going as well? Let me know, send me a tweet !

The Sims 4: Create A Sim Official Gameplay Trailer

The Sims Studio has released the new Create a Sim trailer!!! Featuring The Goths and several of the SimGurus :D Go watch it now!



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