The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Has Hatched!

The Sims 3 | Dragon Valley Has Hatched!

Watch the Dragon Valley trailer!

The Sims 3 Island Paradise -- Announce Trailer

The Sims 3 Island Paradise -- Announce Trailer

Here is the official announcement trailer for The Sims 3: Island Paradise.

SimCity Social: More City, Less 'Ville

EA sent us this official SimCity Social trailer today. Enjoy watching it! :D

DeKDeS was so kind to create a video featuring my TARDIS space ship! has released two tutorial videos about Basic Mission Creating and TerraForming in Galactic Adventures.

Watch as Designer Stone Librande walks through the basics of Adventure creating.
Basic Mission Creating is to found here.

Find out how to change the look of your Adventure planet in a terraforming tutorial with engineer Dan Moskowitz.
Terraforming Tutorial is to be found here.

I just love this trailer! Can't wait for the game!

Announcing the Spore Creepy and Cute Parts Pack! Add 24 new animations, 48 new paint options, and 60 new parts with Spore's very first parts pack!

Join Will Wright as he speaks about the role creativity plays within Spore, and explains the philosophy behind Spore's creativity based gameplay.

Find out more about the people behind 2008's biggest game launch.

An overview of the Spore franchise.

Hear more about Spore's unique animation technology.

In this exclusive interview, Will Wright explains how science has influenced SPORE™. From cell to space stage, Will shares scientific inspirations and shows how some have made their way into the game.

Take an overall look at Spore with its creator Will Wright! Get an idea of what Spore is all about in this video featuring an interview with Will Wright and brand new gameplay footage spanning all the stages of Spore. Spore available in stores September 2008.

In my previous news post, I already mentioned that Spore will be released worldwide in September 2008. To confirm this even more, you can view the teaser here on the official website.

There's a new Creature Editor video (on Mac). Click here to view the video.

The official Spore website has been updated with many things, one of them being a video. Visit our Videos page to view the video.



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