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Are your Sims tired of watching the same old TV commercials? Now you can spice up their viewing with new commercials!

Download TV Commercials (230k)

30 oktober ligt The Sims Abracadabra in de winkel, om je meer te laten zien van het spel hebben wij nieuwe beelden voor je van het spel.

De videos zijn te vinden bij het download gedeelte op deze site. Op het forum kun je je reacties plaatsen over deze magische videos!

Hello everyone.

Sorry to be late, Friday was really busy.

It has been an action-packed week here at Maxis and we have a lot of exciting information to share with you so let’s get started.

Work continues here at furious pace on the official The Sims 2 website. The new website will contain the latest and greatest information, along with a special section just for our community. As we near launch, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of the site in development. Here is a preview of the front page:

A BIG Thank You to the 350+ users that showed up to chat with Luc! For those who couldn't make it, read the transcripts.

New objects and new social interactions. Watch this video and see how your Sims will be Bustin' Out!

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GameSpot has posted a hands-on preview of Makin' Magic. See what they have to say about the last expansion pack for The Sims.

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The magic is in the air!
Can you feel it? 2 additional screenshots are included to help you feel the magic.

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Hello everyone.

I’d like to start by apologizing to the few of you who asked me questions since the last email. We are all very busy here working on the Sims 2 and some of those questions are tough to answer quickly.

You are not being ignored, I just need a little more time!

Thank You to everyone that showed up at our SimCity chat event. Transcripts will be posted at Check back next week for another chat event.

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