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"Just a week after EA's innovative god game Black & White captured the top spot on the sales charts from EA's popular virtual life game The Sims, the game has slipped to second place, edged out by The Sims: House Party..."

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Looking to spice up your city with some new buildings? The Best Of The Web is a collection of user-made buildings from the Exchange. The Best Of The Web will be a place for us to highlight all the great work that has been uploaded to the Exchange. This particular collection is work from people that have been inducted into the SimCity Hall Of Fame, but future editions will have different themes or just great buildings! We hope you enjoy this collection of buildings, and we especially hope that you take the time to look for more work by the artists featured in this download.

Tired of the little tiny chat window? Do messages scroll by too fast? Well check out our new chat system and the adjustable chat window. You just might meet a new chat buddy today!

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The Sims Menu Edit is here! Now when you clone an object you can change the interaction text that appears in the pie menu! Just download this file to your desktop and double-click it to install The Sims Menu Edit.

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Maxis recently got a new wing to the studio. Click below if you want to take a tour of the new area. See Maxoids in the pre-work dehydrated form, see Will Wright's new scooter powerslide office, see TOP SECRET documents that have been blurred out for your safety!

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Legendary game designer, Sid Meier (Alpha Centauri & Civilization), has been spotted at Maxis on a few occasions in recent months. Although the specifics are a closely guarded secret, we can tell you that Sid and Firaxis are working on a Sim title that is due out later this year. Look for more details in the coming weeks.

You heard it here first! just got a new look. Check out The Sim Community Update and the sleek new layout for the Get Cool Stuff section.

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Now that House Party has been released we want to see your Sims cut loose. Show us what happens when your House Party gets out of control.

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The judges have returned with their decision in the Snapshot contest!! To read the winning entries just go to the contests area.

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This SimDay, a few friends from Maxis work on their party skills with the help of House Party.

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