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The Mini Aquarium is just one of many objects in The Sims, and we wanted to share it with you before the big release.

Download the Mini Aquarium

"What is the appeal of the Skinner box that is the home? Security, tranquility, the sense of wholeness that can only come by surrounding yourself with those you love? Nah."

A fantastic article on GameSpot predicts The Sims to be one of five games to change gaming as we know it.

The "Real World" Gone Digital! Will Wright's new game doesn't involve creating streets and shopping malls. The Sims is a home simulator. Players have the ability to manipulate not just the house but the people that live in it. Fill your home with high-tech appliances, create the perfect neighborhood, and watch your family grow to be the next Bradys. Or starve them of social interaction and stimulation and watch them smack the earwax out of each other. Realistic!

A brand new graphics pack awaits you on our tools page. OK, it is not a tool, but it sure looks good there. Pack3 includes three large screen shots from our game and a Sims logo JPG made for tiling.

Download Graphics Pack 3

Our own Will Wright was featured in an interview by The New York Times Magazine. Will's best quote? "Well, I like buying toys... I do mean toys literally."

Read the interview.
NOTE: The NY Times Magazine web site requires free registration.

CNET's GameCenter reports that "...the Sims is the most intriguing game to come around since SimCity." But you already knew that, right? Check out the excellent preview at Gamecenter Sneak Peeks. You can also read the preview by clicking read more below this post.

Sim Talk has been upgraded to Chatter Box. Check out our tools section for this latest conversation toy. New voices included!

Remember to right click and choose save here.

Check it out at, or click read more to read the interview on our website.

Except for the final and ship dates, few dates inspire as much awe and terror as a product's Alpha date. The Sims met its Alpha date with flying colors and is steaming towards final! What is "Alpha"? Alpha means all features are in the game and the game just needs to be fully tuned and tested. Expect to see The Sims on store shelves in early 2000. To learn more about game development visit Gamasutra.

Want to hear what a conversation between two Sims will sound like? We bet you do. Just download this self extracting file, double click it to install, open the SimTalk folder and double click the SimTalk shortcut to start the toy. Then click the button to hear the Sims talk!

Download SimTalk (1.6 megs)



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