Cornelia is the founder of the Sim City Bridge Society and enjoys high tea and phernology. She is thankful to have her granddaughter, Cassandra, so nearby.

Hecuba thinks herself very important and thinks her twin brother is not as cute as she is.

Claire is known for her quick wit and a keen understanding of biotechnology. In her spare time she likes to do volunteer work and listen to live music.

Luna enjoys sunny afternoons and playing at the park.

Few remember when Mama was Miss Sim City. That was long before she lost her savings to her psychic phone friend.

Tiffany does not share her husband's love of nature. She is an expert shopper who knows all the latest trends and styles.

Maggie likes to look at herself in the mirror and clean her whiskers.

Boots has a mind of his own, and doesn't ever reveal secrets.

When not in the garden, Ginia writes and illustrates children's books. Her characters are named after her numerous cats.



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