The Sims 3 Pets: Community Pack #2

Sunday, October 16, 2011 - 02:23

The next couple of weeks EA will send us these 'community packs' which contain info and screenshots. This week you can learn about hunting, taking care of pets and fleas! Click Read More below to continue reading!

Hunting, Dog and Cat Care and Fleas!!


Sims can train dogs to learn the hunting skill by selecting the train to hunt interaction. Make sure to include some play time in between training sessions as dogs can quickly become fatigued while being trained.
Dogs with the hunting skill can use the dig up interaction on dig spots located throughout the world. The higher the hunting skill the dog has the higher chance they’ll find rare collectibles like rocks, gems, metals, or even fragments of skeletons and sculptures!
Sims can command their dogs that have the hunting skill to fetch a date for them on community lots that have at least one other single Sim of your Sim’s gender preference on it! All of your dog’s hunting skill stats and skill achievements are tracked and can be referenced in the hunting skill journal.
Cats are natural born hunters! Practice hunting on cat toys found in the pet toy crate to build your cat’s hunting skill. Cats can catch a variety of animals – beetles, birds, lizards, rodents, snakes, and turtles. In order to locate these critters in the world, use the locate prey interaction in the hunting menu available after building up enough hunting skill points. This will take you into map view and show a map tag of where to find prey of that type. Cats can also stalk for prey anywhere they are outside. Just select the ground and give it a try.
Sims can instruct their feline friends to catch prey by asking them to go catch something, or go catch a specific animal. Though they try their best, there is always the chance the cat might not understand and will bring back something completely different.
Once a cat finds a suitable critter to pounce, they stalk and then get into a fight with it! If the cat wins, the critter can be found in their inventory. Animals that cats catch can be kept by Sims as pets in the appropriate terrarium. Cats can also hunt fish with the go fish interaction on ponds and oceans.

The Sims 3 Pets

Dog and Cat Care:

Before your cat or dog arrives, make sure you have the essentials to keep your pet happy. Cats and dogs will need pet bowls, beds, or splurge on a pet house if your wallet can afford it. In buy mode under the kid's room you will find pet essentials. Additional pet objects are available in the pets sort under sort by function.
If your cat or dog starts to get squirmish, make sure you take them outside. They may need to potty! Cats can potty indoors if you purchase a litter box. New cats and dogs need attention, so make sure you socialize with them and maybe teach them a trick or two. They can also become destructive at times, so reward them with a toy to keep them happy and having fun. If you fail to take care of your new cat or dog, the social worker will be back to take your pet away. So make sure to tend to the needs of your pet and develop a relationship with them.

The Sims 3 Pets


Aargh, fleas! These annoying pests are originally contracted by pets who spend an extended period of time outdoors. They make your skin itch and totally kill your mood. 'If you spot a pet with fleas you'll want to avoid them - coming in contact means there's a chance the fleas could spread to you! 'If you spot a pet with fleas you'll want to avoid them - coming in contact means there's a chance the fleas could spread to you!
After a soothing flea bath, your pet can roam outdoors worry free for a period of time. The medicine is still at work and will help protect you from contracting fleas again while it lasts. A quick spray from the Pet Hygienator is also a great way to stay flea free!

The Sims 3 Pets

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