Will Wright

Is this true? Is Will Wright leaving EA to start something new? Well, read for yourself in this press release. Will Wright is going to explore new projects. I'm very curious what he'll start next! Probably something cool!

The Sims 2

Jullie hebben de Sim Will Wright Van LeeRoyNR09 met 1167 stemmen verkozen tot de leukste inzending!

Daarom wint hij het unieke Sims beeldje! Gefeliciteerd!

Neem snel een kijkje op de pagina van de Sims Creation Contest...

Naar de Sims Creation Contest

The Sims komen naar de Game Boy Advance, wij geven alvast wat informatie.

Wat we op dit moment met zekerheid kunnen vertellen is het volgende:

Did you see Will Wright on the Colbert Report last night? In case you missed it here's a link to watch the interview.

Watch the Interview

Maxis and Will Wright have been nominated for Billboards 2004 Digital Entertainment Award for Game Developer Of The Year and Visionary Of The Year respectively. Wish us luck!

Look At Our Nominations!

"At the core of The Sims is balance, according to Wright."

Look Deeper Into Will's Soul

Anyone that purchases The Sims 2 at the San Francisco Virgin Megastore can get their copy of TS2 signed by Will Wright from 5-6 pm. The first 50 people that buy the game starting at 5 pm on Friday will get a T-shirt.

"During development and testing, what kinds of things did your sims do that surprised you?"

Find Out What Suprised Will

"Apropos the season where "you better be good, you better be nice," GameSpot sought out Will Wright to investigate the nuances of the The Sims 2..."

Read it on GameSpot.

Thanks to those who joined us in our chat with Will! For those who missed out
read the transcripts.