Virginia McArthur

Bustin' Out producers Virginia McArthur and Scot Amos, and Game Design Director Mike Perry joined us to answer questions about Sims console games.

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Thanks to everyone that showed up and submitted their questions! If you missed the event, read the transcripts.

"Nintendo of Japan was recently in our office brainstorming the connectivity features and working with Will Wright and the team on enhancements."

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"Once your GameCube sim has been sent to the GBA, he or she will be able to make quick cash, satisfy motives, and work on skills, all of which will be carried over when he or she returns home to the GameCube."

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Hi Everyone,

Thought I should give you a little update on everything going on with The Sims 2.

Scot Amos and Virginia McArthur visited The Rain in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on September 20, to tell us all about The Sims 2 on console, handheld and mobile!

The team members from were also at the event. You can read their story in the words of Justmieke.

Read the report here.

Producer Virginia McArthur answers your questions about the upcoming handheld versions of The Sims 2 in our latest podcast.

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Watch's video interview with Virginia McArthur where she sheds some light on The Sims 2 storyline for NDS and GBA.

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