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We've been taking pictures of cool The Sims 2 posters, swag, and other fun stuff around The Sims Studio and posting it on Twitpic! Stay tuned for more fun photos.

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Check out the latest Sims-style parody of your favorite super heroes, including The Sims version of "Iron Man".

GameSpot has posted nominations for the "Best of 2010" and "Most Anticipated of 2011." Several The Sims titles have been nominated. Show your support and vote for us under the following categories!

Vote for The Sims 3 Ambitions or Late Night for "Best Expansion Pack"
Vote for The Sims Medieval for Most Anticipated in 2011

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Help our "The Sims 3 Where have all the superheroes gone?" video reach 200,000 Video Views! We will be giving away copies of The Sims 3 Ambitions to random recipients who Subscribe to our channel and comment on the video. The Giveaway ends when we’ve reached 200K video views. Remember to come back every day and leave a comment to increase your chances. Invite your friends!

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November 29th is Cyber Monday and The Sims 3 Store is starting to get excited! Check out The Sims 3 Facebook Fan Page for more information about how to prepare for The Sims 3 Store Cyber Monday Celebration.

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Let’s get a few things clear – Vampires in The Sims 3 Late Night do not twinkle, sparkle, or cry. Vampire men look like men and vampire women, well, they’re clearly girls. When in daylight they smolder with fire and are in deep trouble as they should be. They aren’t “beautiful” in the eyes of silly, adolescent girls.

Phew. I feel better now.

October is here, which means that EA Game Cards are coming to a retailer near you!

This month, you can find the EA Game Card at the following retailers:
10/1: Blockbuster
10/26: Target
10/26: Walmart
10/29: Toys R Us
10/31 Best Buy

The Sims Style is your portal for The Sims merchandise! Ever wanted to show off your love for The Sims games with a shirt or bag? Head over to The Sims merchandise and peruse through the selections of The Sims-themed items! New items will be added regularly, so check back often.

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