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There's plenty going on in The Sims 2 neighborhoods! Take Veronaville and its feuding families, for instance...

The Monty's and the Capp's aren't on the best terms, so the Summerdreams have thrown a party to ease tensions between the two families. A party may not be the best place to settle an argument, however. Will Mercutio be able to control his unruly behavior and allow the party to continue, or will the whole evening become a disaster?

Bizarre Love Triangle
E3 attendees were entertained with a fun hands-on demo of The Sims 2 revealing a sneak peek into a moment in the life of Sim, Don Baxter.

Don's life aspiration is Romance, whereas his wife Sarah's goal is Family. Don's old flame Dina is at Don's son's birthday party, and ol' Don just wants to talk, flirt and more with his old heartthrob. The party gets sticky when Sarah's sister catches Don "cozying up" to Dina back in the quiet cabana. Sarah's sister dutifully defends her honor and that's when things get really fun.