Thanks to everyone that showed up! For those of you who missed it, the transcripts have been posted in the Chat area.

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The Maxoids are all packed up and ready to roll! We won’t be holding a chat event this week on the Sims site, instead we are taking a virtual school bus for a field trip over to The Sims Resource to hang out in their chat room. Chat with MaxisLucky, Maxiskitty, MaxisDano and MaxisMojo at the Sims Resource site this Thursday at 11am PST.

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General Manager Luc Barthelet joined us in chat today.

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Last week we hosted a chat event with the members of The Sims Playstation 2 development team. Check out the transcripts!

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This week, two party hosts improve their storytelling skills and stir up the dead. Check it out!

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This SimDay, a few friends from Maxis work on their party skills with the help of House Party.

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