Luc Mails

Hello everyone.

I wanted to first take the opportunity to thank all of you who were able to join us for The Sims 2 University. We are grateful that you took time out of your busy schedules and traveled many miles to spend the day with us and talk about The Sims 2. We feel like it was a worthwhile day and hope you do to. For those of you who were unable to join us, we missed you and hope you will be able to participate next time.

Maxis is moving this week from Walnut Creek to Redwood Shores, and as it happens I am also personally moving to new endeavors. Since I have kept all of you in the loop on everything that happens at Maxis, I wanted to make sure you knew it first before any public announcement in the next few weeks.

Begorra, lads and lassies! Dia Duit! 'Tis I, Luc O'Barthelet, General Manager and head leprechaun of Maxis, and if'n ye haven't guessed it already, we're gearing up for the good times of St. Patty's Day. Just as St. Patrick famously (if not accurately) drove the snakes from the Emerald Isle, we're hard at work driving the bugs from The Sims 2, all so that we can bring you the best, most fun, and completely addictive simulation game on the planet in exchange for a wee nip from your pot o' gold.

Hello Everybody:

Another busy week has passed at Maxis, and The Sims 2 Team continues their labor of love creating the game.

Many members of the team are incredibly passionate and dedicate far more than the average 40 hours a week sweating the details. I would like you to meet some of the people behind the game that are rarely in the limelight. I recently sat down with Lyndsay McGaw to get her thoughts on everything from playing games to making them.

Hello Everyone!

We have had another exciting week here at Maxis. Winter still has its grips on us, but we are starting to feel the call of Spring and the promise of romance that's in the air.

In The Sims 2 you can find love for your Sims in many exciting ways and surprising places. This telling filmstrip depicts a lonely woman looking for love and finding it right in front of her observant eyes. Watch as she gazes through the telescope to spy on the handsome guy next door before she makes her move. Take a look for yourself here:

Hello Everyone!

After the big news about Maxis moving last week and a fun Valentine weekend we are back to the grindstone on The Sims 2.

The old adage that clothes make the person may be true, but living spaces speak volumes about an individual as well. For The Sims 2, we're going out of our way to ensure that fans of the game have the power to create interiors that perfectly capture the mood, taste, and persona of the Sims who live there.

Hello everyone.

Let's get straight to what is on everyone's mind, the change in ship date for The Sims 2.

As you are all aware, The Sims 2 ship date has been moved to the latter half of 2004. We have heard from an enormous amount of you and your communications have been zealous. We fully understand your disappointment and frustration. The fact that you are all so passionate is both inspiring and encouraging to the production team and means we must be on the right track with the game.

Hello Everyone,

It's been another busy week here at Maxis for The Sims 2 Development Team. And I had a great time with the chat yesterday... (Loved that 3some question...)

Hello Everyone!

We receive lots of inquiries from the community about the game via email and the message boards. We'd like to share answers to some of the most popular questions that we have received with you.

Hello everyone.

I’d like to start by apologizing to the few of you who asked me questions since the last email. We are all very busy here working on the Sims 2 and some of those questions are tough to answer quickly.

You are not being ignored, I just need a little more time!