Luc Barthelet

Hello everyone.

I wanted to first take the opportunity to thank all of you who were able to join us for The Sims 2 University. We are grateful that you took time out of your busy schedules and traveled many miles to spend the day with us and talk about The Sims 2. We feel like it was a worthwhile day and hope you do to. For those of you who were unable to join us, we missed you and hope you will be able to participate next time.

When we started situating employees in our break rooms, we knew something had to change...

Moving news.

General Manager Luc Barthelet joined us in chat today.

Read the transcripts!

General Manager Luc Barthelet will be in Chat this Thursday. Hit those French books and meet us online this Thursday at 3pm PST! (Chat will be held in English)

A whopping 500 people were in attendance to hear what Luc had to say about Bella Goth and what the characters of Sims2 are like. For those who missed it, read the transcripts.

MaxisLuc is back in chat this week to talk with you all about his favorite character, Bella and of course who knows what else! Tune in this Thursday at 3PM PST (That’s 4 PM Mountain, 5 PM Central, 6 PM Eastern and 11 PM in the UK).

A BIG Thank You to the 350+ users that showed up to chat with Luc! For those who couldn't make it, read the transcripts.

Thank you to everyone that showed up at our chat with Luc. Transcripts are now available for those of you that were unable to make it.

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Over a half million kisses at over 5000 online parties occurred in this exciting virtual world.

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