SimFans is currently doing interviews with several fansites from all around the world. SimsNetwork was also asked to participate, which is such an honour to me! The interview has been published today. Click here to read it! You can read all the fansites interviews here! :D

This Sporeday Maxis announced that they're taking questions for Chris Seifert, Audio Recording Engineer at Maxis. In the past he worked on Sims products, before the work he's done for Maxis in the past 2 years. For Galactic Adventures he has recorded all creature voices, all with an all new language for their emotions. You can ask Chris about his job or technical things about sound recording. You can submit your question until the 18th in this forum topic.

Gaming Steve has interviewed Will Wright on May 24, and of course they discussed Spore as well. Click here to read the interview. You can listen to the interview as well!