Lots of game sites have posted their previews of Pets! Here's a collection of links to help you get started.

Open For Business is getting rave reviews!

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"With The Sims 2: Open for Business on its way, GameSpy delves deep into the cutthroat world of Sim-Entrepreneurs."

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GameSpy interviews Kevin Hogan about The Sims 2 University. Find out about the new age range, roomies, toga's, and more.

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Inflatable, illuminated Scaredy cats, Goblin Cauldrons and Jack-O-Lanterns! These objects are coming soon to The Sims 2, but GameSpy's got the screenshots now.

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Looking for more examples of deeper gameplay from The Sims 2? GameSpy has posted an extended review for your enjoyment.

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"It's deeper, has more flexibility, it's more engrossing, and it's even easier to modify and expand."

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"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first annual "Sim-Limpic Games," little tiny virtual sports played with little tiny virtual people."

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"During development and testing, what kinds of things did your sims do that surprised you?"

Find Out What Suprised Will

GameSpy has posted their preview of The Sims 2! They have also posted Spy Eyes for the Sim Guys where they take an unsuspecting -- and often unwilling -- Sim and turn him into the man he knows he could be if he wasn't who he actually is.

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Spy Eyes For The Sim Guys