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Come explore the rewards of grilled cheese in this FreeTime comic strip!

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The Sims 2 FreeTime

In the 3rd of 10 Comics, Jayde travels to the South Side Bridge district, where she rubs elbows with the hard-nosed Louie Bricks and the rest of his crew of Wise-guys-and-gals.

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We love to see our Sims in the funnies. In the strip PVP, skins was the topic.

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Penny Arcade Sends Valentine To Sid Meier.

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Here is a great comic about Sid Meier's SimGolf. Looks like the gang at is having a great time with the demo!

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This week, two party hosts improve their storytelling skills and stir up the dead. Check it out!

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This SimDay, a few friends from Maxis work on their party skills with the help of House Party.

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This SimDay, meet one of the more unusual characters from The Sims Livin' Large -- the Tragic Clown.

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In this week's Livin' Large spotlight, mild-mannered Henry acquires a Voodoo Doll -- and his life is never the same.

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It's the roommate you wish you always had. Servo, the ultimate home appliance, is spotlighted in this week's Livin' Large preview!

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