News Archive - 30 January, 2002

The patch contains a version of the SimGolf executable which enables SimGolf Web-Exchange support for championship courses, and resolves an issue with occasional crashes for tournaments.

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The reviews of Sid Meier's SimGolf are pouring in! Here are some to get you started!

  • All Out Games
    94% - "It's an early candidate for game of the year."
  • GameSpot
    8.8 - "...colorful, fun, funny, and addictive..."
  • IGN-PC
    " sophisticated and so addictive..."
  • UGO
    4 out of 5 stars - "Bottom line: this is a great game that shouldn’t be missed by any hardcore gaming fan."
  • ShackNews
    "If you don't like sim type games or golf games, do NOT let that turn you away from this awesome title."
  • ShackNews
    "Buy this game. It's money well spent."

Here is a quick interview with Sid Meier on where he chats about SimGolf and working with Will Wright.

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